lavendara asked:
Im starting my no poo journey tonight and Im a huge tumblr user. I just want to say thank you for having this blog. :)

You’re very welcome! I wish you the best of luck! You can do it! :D

also, 8 months and counting :)

I’ve figured out a new way to rinse my hair in the shower that takes literally half the time. Normally I would just work the water into my hair and then add some conditioner but 30% of the time, I would get out of the shower and my hair would dry and still look dirty! It was a game of chance and I was getting really frustrated.

A few times, I thought about giving up the whole no poo thing, even though my hair has been fuller and a richer color…thankfully I never did. 

Now, when in the shower, I flip my hair upside down and rinse it. And 2 for 2, my hair has come out clean looking :) It also helps to work through my curls and get water all the way down to my scalp on every layer. Hopefully this is going to be good! I’m 4 months shy of a year, and I’m super pumped to take my before and after pictures!!!

Hope all is well! :)

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It’s been 7 Months!!!

Longer post soon <3


It has been FOUR MONTHS!!!! I can’t even believe it. It seems like so long ago when I was using shampoo to wash my hair. Ha! In honor of going 1/3 of a year without shampoo, I decided to make a collage :)

Now, when I woke up this morning, I was in a hurry so I took a fast shower and let my hair air dry so I could straighten it later. As a result of not rinsing in 3 days and only rinsing quickly this morning, I noticed the under layers were kind of dirty when I was going to straighten my hair. So I decided to do a deep condition (which I haven’t done in a while) to really rinse between those layers and after shower (round 2), my hair looks clean as ever! :)

Hang in there guys! 

Also, I’ve gotten some questions about concerns about other hair not transitioning as fast as mine did to the state it is now, where it doesn’t need shampoo. I’m sure it’s all normal, keep in mind that I have REALLY thin hair. Like, legit. It is super thin. Therefore, your 1 month and my 1 month might look a little different simply because I probably have less hair to deal with. I know if you stick it out, you will be pleased with the results later!

Best of luck to you all! PS. I love getting updates from you all so keep them coming!

For some reason, my hair is extra curly today….I love it!

I haven’t done anything different….so hopefully this will happen everyday lol :D

Let Me know - how is your nopoo journey coming along?

3 months!!!

Hooray! I’ve made it three whole months without using any shampoo whatsoever. And let me tell you - it feels great! Just as a quick update since my last post, the new conditioner is working fantastically! I haven’t had any problems thus far and my hair is back to looking clean again!! 

I straightened my hair today in celebration :D

2.75 months.

So I seem to have hit a snag in my experiment. Just after 2 months, my hair started reverting back to when the sides were dirty even after an intense rinse and condition in the shower. As a recap, during showers I’ve been rinsing and conditioning lightly, and then I would wear my hair natural with no product afterword. With my undergrad senior pictures coming up, I started panicking slightly. It didn’t look ridiculously awful to wear on a daily basis, but for an important picture? I was nervous it would look dirty. Immediately I started rinsing even longer/harder, trying to get my hair back to it’s clean, natural look it had in the previous months. I also started brushing my hair before showers; that way, all the knots would be out and the grease would be free to rinse right out. After nothing got better, I started to wonder if it was my conditioner. After all, I had never checked the ingredients of that when I started. I just kept the old conditioner I had before I started the whole no poo thing.  

To my surprise, I found out it had silicone in it! So I’m not completely sure, but since everything I’ve read advises against silicone in after shower products (since you need shampoo to get it out of your hair), I assumed that it’s bad in conditioner as well. With my conditioner almost out anyway, I started my search for a new cone free conditioner.

After a long search of reading the ingredient bottle of practically every conditioner in the store, I finally decided upon Tresemme Naturals: Nourishing Moisture conditioner. (Previously I had been using Dove: Intense Damage Therapy conditioner). As soon as I got home (one day before my senior picture), I immediately did a deep condition, and after my shower, I applied a small amount of the old after shower product I used to use before I stopped using them completely. (I use Herbal Essences: Tousle Me Softly spray gel.) 

Thankfully, to my satisfaction, the dirty appearance around the top sides of my hair was greatly diminished. Today I just took another shower with the new conditioner and it already feels like my hair is cleaner and way smoother too. 

So as of today, I’ve used my new conditioner twice and it appears to be working great. I’ll keep you posted, though, in case this is just the effect of switching up my conditioner. 

Hope everything is going well for you guys!

2 Months!

So the days have started to blur together. I simply cannot believe it’s been two months since I’ve stopped using shampoo. Haha for real though, how ratch does that sound…I haven’t used shampoo in two months…and yet my hair looks awesome! 

Probably the biggest development since my last blog is the time I need between each rinsing. When thinking about this blog, I was worried I’d have nothing to tell you guys, but then I realized that I can go almost a whole week without rinsing my hair. When I wake up, I simply spray a little water on it to redefine the curls, but then I’m ready to go! It’s great. I still use a little conditioner with every wash. Perhaps that will be my next step, slowly cutting back on conditioner so that I don’t need it every rinse, although if only rinsing hair once a week, a little conditioner each time is probably a good thing, especially if you have dry hair like myself. I don’t know, I’ll play around with it and let you guys know. As always, good luck with your own hair endeavors! 

Till next time! :)

1 Month!

I’ve hit the one month mark, and let me just say, that everything is working out how I had hoped! Perhaps the thing I am most excited about it the fact that I can get out of the shower and just let my hair air dry, and it will turn out looking great! Never, in my 21 years of existence, have I been able to let my hair air dry without adding some sort of product to contain the frizz. I’m so happy because now, when I get out of the shower, I know that as soon as it’s done drying, I’ll have some pretty awesome curls that are product free! Also, they seem to be a bit more defined than they ever used to be, which is awesome.

I fully attribute this to the ‘no poo’ strategy. 

Something worth mentioning, I did have a couple of days where after showering and air drying my hair, a small section on the right side of my head looked a little dirty, so I deep conditioned during my rinse today and now it looks fine. 

Also a side note, I re-bleached my bangs yesterday, and even though the box instructions were to wash lightly with shampoo before applying the conditioner that came with the box of color, I didn’t and everything turned out fine!! 

I hope all your endeavors are going just as well. My inbox is open for questions if anyone has any. 

The next thing I’m looking forward to is showering without even the dime of conditioner once in a while (I think I did this once a while back, but ever since I’ve been using a dime size of conditioner with every wash, about every other day or two).